Site manager will constantly work at the site of our client (office space of 1,800 m2 in one of the most centrally located business center with the staff of up to 80 people) - IT product company, ensuring normal daily operation of the office space. That includes managing of the reception, cleaning, handymen, coffee - lady team as well as execution of different type administrative tasks. Site manager is one of key part of integrated facility management service team, which serves IT product company. Site manager legal employment is with FRB (integrated real estate service provider). One is functionally reports to Administrative manager of our Client on daily basis.

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  • to be able to solve different type tasks during the day, promptly;

  • to be proactive enough to manage the office daily operations, supporting the concept of constant improving of administrative functions, which are under control of this position;

  • to have a very “open face”/to be fully open for solving the issues, requests of colleagues at the site daily;

  • to have some experience of managing people (task defining, control of execution, time term control) for effective managing of cleaning team, handy-man, coffee lady etc;

  • to easily work with different key computer user programs to be able to make excel tables, presentations, when necessary as “the base” requirement. All “above base” capabilities are highly appreciated;

  • to be perceived by the Client as very well organized person, who is able to lead the process of normal office operations.

  • 1. To manage cleaning team, coffee lady, handy-man quality operations at the site on daily basis;

  • 2. To coordinate work of reception specialists to ensure quality and timely operations of the reception;

  • 3. To liaise and coordinate the operational work with the business center landlord technical team at the site;

  • 4. To execute daily monitoring for the technical condition of the office and manage repair work with respective vendors, when needed;

  • 5. To keep all the documents related to guarantee service provided by the vendors for the installed equipment and executed repair works;

  • 6. To check invoices and all related documents re the office lease before executing of payment. To liaise with the landlord in case of having of any questions to clarify. To monitor utilities expenditures;

  • 7. To lead and practically handle all administrative questions re the office move to new facility, including managing of actual moving process to new facility, resolving of the issues with the existing landlords re the condition of existing office space before the move. In case of necessity to manage necessary fit out works;

  • 8. To manage the execution of contracts under “office supply chain” to ensure the quality control of goods and service delivery (i.e. paper, cartridges, food products, taxi service, courier service, Ukrpochta, archiving documents, daily catering;

  • 9. To organize and daily manage the stock of toilet, cleaning and kitchen consumables;

  • 10. To ensure careful attitude of the staff to the computer/printing and other equipment at the site. To solve the issues with the producer service department, when it is necessary;

  • 11. To solve all the questions/issues with access control system management ( access cards for employees);

  • 12. If necessary, to organize and implement of guidelines & recommendations for H&S. Conduct H&S trainings for the staff (primary, unscheduled etc.);

  • 13. If necessary, to conduct fire and electrical safety trainings & other trainings required in accordance to the law, which are instructed by Fire Protection manager;

  • 14. To organize and handle the system of servicing of staff different requests to treat the staff as internal clients;

  • 15. To execute all necessary reporting re the office operations in the forma agreed with Client management. Control and distribution of costs between the relevant departments of the office, if necessary.

  • Fluent English is the must for this position.